Music 2470 - Suggestions of Students in the Same Class

What happens when you ask students for their feedback...


“I absolutely HATED Reason, NO Reason!”

“More in-depth look at Reason, I think Pro Tools should be taken out completely and turned into a class of its own.”

“I suggest to keep teaching Pro Tools and cover a lot of ground on it cuz it’s the new standard and is way interesting.”

“I think Reason should have been done away with because MIDI generally isn’t that important to recording.”

“Keep teaching more about Pro Tools. Maybe go into Finale and Sibelus instead of Reason”

“I would have liked more time in Finale. I write lots of music & would love to know more about everything Finale can do.”

Q:What should have been done away with? A:“Finale/Sibelius for sure!”

“Cover the basics! I know some kids know it but review is always nice. Draw more pictures, explain the words you choose. Many people have never even heard of any of this stuff.”

“I thought it was all good – I just would have liked less repetition and be able to go deeper.”

“You are a great teacher you explain the programs so that the people who never used it before would understand. I have never heard of any of these programs before this class!”

“Having my peers give the lectures was a great idea also.”

Q: What should have been done away with? A: “The class presentations: I feel like I learned a lot about the topic I researched, but I’m not sure anyone got as much out of listening to each other.”